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The last guy is kissed is the guy I never imagined would. Ive had a crush on him since freshman year and I am a senior now. He has sophomore in college and I never thought he would take interest in me but he is so amazing and great and it's a dream come true because I never even thought he would talk to me but now we are more than likely going to date and UGH yes

AWwwwwwwwww :) thats cute

Tell me about the last person you kissed, were you fwb? You guys dating? How and where did you do it…..
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Whats the nastiest thing you’ve ever done, most romantic, have you ever been played Or lead on.. Tell mee

I kissed a guy in a club 2 weeks ago. He was super cute and funny. We kissed for like 15mins then i saw my ex watching us.. i don't know why but i ran away like an idiot... I was so angry with myself after that :(

Dangg, d’you think you still like your ex? Either way had fun….

Tell me about the last person you kissed

Last week I hooked up with my crush. He doesn't do relationships anymore bc he got hurt last time & Ik that but I dont care. Just kissing him makes me happy even tho I know we have no future together. We started off playing video games & then he kissed me we lied down (in his bed) & things got intense. He took my bra & shirt off he left so many hickies on my chest I had to change into his clothes bc I was wearing a dress. We didnt have sex but Oh god it was perfect. He wants me to go over today.

Awwww, be careful though you’ll end up catching more feelings and then get frustrated that they just see you as a rebound and not more…. Currently going through this. But yay for you if you’re happy :)

Tell me about the last person you kissed, shat happened.. Do you two talk, just a fling? Together? Do you wanna be more? How did you feel

Tell me a story about the last person you kissed(kiss kisssed).. Do you guys speak now, are together? What happened… Jus tell me anon or not